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Simple Living Space Ideas

When you are decorating a simple apartment, some people may suggest the use of mirrors as they tend to make the room look bigger and adds more light to your room. In this article, I home to that I can shed some ideas when it comes to decorating your apartment.

Rustic Apartment

In today’s world, apartments are becoming more and more popular. Even though space may be small, people often wonder how can they make the most out of their space and how to decorate it and make it be as personalized as possible.

Most apartments if not all come with the basic features. Even though the walls are usually painted in white, standard-issue window treatments and neutral floors, does not mean you have to leave it just like that. This is where your decorating skills will come into place.

There are lots of landlords who will give you the opportunity to decorate the space as you see fit, with the option of you returning it to its original condition. Some of the key features of living in an apartment are that they are more compact and lack the extra space often found in larger homes.

This can mean that you need to be creative in finding ways to utilize as much of the space as possible while also looking for attractive ways to create a more open feel.

While the smaller living quarters of an apartment, it can be challenging and leave one feeling a little claustrophobic. With a few apartment interior design techniques, you can make your space feel much more inviting and appear much larger than it actually is.

Window Treatments
Lots of people use the same old boring vertical blinds that are so common. It is important that you make your apartment your own rather than just having a space to live. Window treatments are an easy place where you can make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your living facility.

If you need more height in a room, you should think about using horizontal decorative molding above your windows to block out the curtain rod. This gives the room a feeling of illusion height. You can also add drapes on the outer part of the window which makes the room feel more open and spacey.

apartment decorating ideas

Glass and Mirrors
By using glass tabletops, you make the room feel more open and airy. When you use heavy wood, you make the room seems much smaller than it really is, while the glass tops of the coffee table, dining room table and glass end tables make the room much brighter.

You can also use mirrors. They offer lots more light to make the entire apartment brighter and more welcoming but do not overdo. There are so many ways in which you can make your apartment into a showpiece or you can be simple where you just want to be comfortable all the while making it look its best.

One thing you should be mindful of and that is your storage space and where  you intend to store your items. Remember you are living in an apartment and most times there is little storage space. It is difficult to add square footage, but easy to add additional storage space very easy.

When it comes to beds, choose the one that has built-in drawers or use storage bins that can easily fit under your bed. Lots of us tend to forget about this area and it is often wasted. You can use this space to store your off-seasoned clothes, extra blankets, pillows or other items that are not being used very often.

They will still be at arms reach if needed, but they are tucked away out of sight. The idea is to find creative ways to utilize space that is frequently wasted. Corner entertainment centers are another creative way to save space.

Take advantage of that corner and set up your entertainment center and seating arrangement in an area most people would have left unused. This allows you to create a more open traffic flow and bring a more open feel to the room.