bedroom concepts

The three most important rooms in your home are the bedroom, living room and kitchen. The bedroom is the area where you would call it your sanctuary or your get-away-from-everyone space. Lots of us may know how to decorate your kitchen, but when it comes to your personal space, you have some difficulty.

bedroom decorating concepts

In this room, you would have your favorite color and how you feel. With just a few ideas, you can have your room as beautiful as can be. Most people make mistakes in their bedroom by choosing the wrong color for the room and furniture combinations as these are very important factors.

Here are some steps that you can consider when making your decision about your bedroom.

1. When choosing a color, always use soft colors such as green, lavender or blue that are related. Try not to use colors that are bright and too bold. Use jewel-tone colors such as topaz or brown as these offer a sense of coziness.

You can also add a light shade of your favorite color. For instance; if you like orange, then choose a pumpkin-like color. Make the room as simple as possible but with a sophisticated, elegant and cozy look.

There should also be space of at least feet between the walls and the furniture so that there is room for you to move all around and a two-foot space between the bed and the side tables. Use only what you NEED in your room as too much can give a clustered and untidy look.

You can add candles and photos of the family in your room. It is best to keep the furnishings to a minimal.

2. Make sure when you are choosing the furniture for the room that you choose the correct size. You should know your floor plan and the size of the room. Try not to buy beds and dressers that are too big for the room as this makes the room look even smaller.

On the other hand, if you purchase items or accessories that are too small for your bedroom, they can get lost.

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3. If you have a room that is really big, then you should create an area where you can call your “quiet corner”. In this area, you would have a comfortable chair and footstool where you can sit alone and read. These can be placed at the foot of the bed.

4. Bed sheets are very important to your rooms’ decor. Interior designers always tell you to choose or buy material that will help to outfit your room. Your sheet sets should be at least 350 and over thread count and made from 100% cotton.

I know you may be saying that they are very difficult for you to wash. That is no problem; there are dry cleaners that offer you the service of professional washing and pressing for a small fee. In this way, your sheets will always have that smooth and crisp look.

5. How can you see the beauty of your bedroom without proper lighting? The use of proper lighting adds ambiance to the room. Small lamps are usually good for reading while the accent lighting focuses on the walls.

Always choose sides lamps that are adjustable where you have the option of making them bright or dull to suit the occasion. Side lamps should be placed on the tables next to the bed where they can be reached easily.

I know some of you like to do work on the computer or watch television from the comfort of your bedroom. This is a no-no as this takes away some coziness and relaxation of the room. If you have enough space in your home, then have a separate area for your television and computer.

Make your bedroom your favorite get-away-go-to space.