cabin decor

Changing up your home to resemble a cabin decor style can be very nice on one hand, but it is very challenging on the next even though it is becoming more and more popular. In previous times, people were building separate cabins in the woods, on mountains or near the sea as their get-away.

cabin decor

This can be a very costly venture, so persons are opting now to change their homes to have the cabin look. Most persons suggest that the western design is the best look for cabin décor because it gives it the rustic look and feel.

When furnishing your home for the first time, you tend to buy the bulkier furniture first. However, with the cabin look; you also have to get the matching artwork, vases lighting, mirrors, etc. as these play a vital role in the overall look.

Even though these are important, don’t overdo it with accessories and accents as too much can spoil the mood. It is also important that you add natural elements. This is just a way of bringing the outside to the inside.

Most cabins have fishing or hunting themes, so you need to decide which one you want to go with, and choose your decor accordingly. You can use lamps with bases that look like logs, a coat rack made of tree limbs, or shelves that appear to be a fishing boat up-ended against the wall.

You have the choice of adding coma items, fishing lures or hunting knives. If you want the false look, then you can use cabin wallpaper or barn board planks rather than having the trouble of hard work and restrictions of the traditional cabin home.

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Furniture: – These are usually old, heavy pieces or more modern pieces depending on what outlook you looking to have. You can use a bulky leather couch accented with an antique looking quilt or wood furniture that is a bit scuffed and worn looking.

Use tables that are made from rough or worn wood and a tackle box that is placed in a way that relates to the theme that you have chosen, or a bow and arrow as wall decor. Tables, stylized bases, and lighting work best when crafted from black or aged rustic metals.

Work these items into your room through curtain rods, cabin curtains, and focus on lighting. Rustic cabin decor relies heavily on lighting. Overhead chandeliers make the boldest statement and if chosen well can add to that comfort ambiance you seek.

Look for antler chandeliers, rustic metal chandeliers, or primitive wood fixtures.

Color: – You should think about the western theme pieces such as pottery and Native American artwork. Western-style rugs are great for accenting a wood floor. You may want to use an old wagon wheel in your decorating theme as well.

Handmade quilts and hand-spun pottery really add to the comforting atmosphere. If you want to have a personal look, people often use the deer head on the wall and a bear-skin rug on the floor. There is also the option of things that were used centuries ago such as oil lamps and rocking chairs.

Your cabin may have wood walls or even be made from logs. A ceiling beam constructed of rough-hewn wood adds to the rustic appeal. Cabins can be made to look as though they have been there for a hundred years, or appear thoroughly modern, whichever look you prefer.

So for a great cabin look, you can visit websites, online catalogs or even visit cabin stores to get ideas and products that are best used for that cabin decor look.