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What other room in the house can you distress yourself from a hard day at work other than your living room? All over the world, living rooms has become the most important part of your home. It serves as a relaxing area, TV area and most of all, as the entertainment room.

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Some people use it as a play area for the kids or the study because of limited space. This room allows you to make fashion statements and show off your thoughts and emotions. This is the comforting room, so it should be comfortable, flexible and personal.

When looking for furniture for your living room, it should be the most comfortable and sturdy pieces that you can sit on. If you are purchasing from a store, make sure you do a thorough examination by sitting on the arms of the chairs and the seats of the sofa.

This is one way in which you can make sure that it is strong enough to last for quite some time. Some sofas are small even though they can seat three and four persons, they can only seat two persons at most. You must also be sure that the height of the seat and the backrest are high enough for comfort.

Focal Point

Every room in your home has a focal point. This is the point that you setup your room around or everything is based on this area or item. Persons may use their fireplace, a window or a piece of furniture in the room.

This sometimes is not a central point in your room. For example, you may have windows that over look into your garden, you should arrange the room that the door way is free but the furniture is placed in positions that your guest can be seated in such a way that they can admire the beauty and ambiance of your garden.

When making any decisions on the decor for your living room, you should first consider the natural lighting the room and let this be your guide. If you have a darker room, you should use light colored decor.

On the other hand, if you have a bright, lighted airy large area, this gives you lots more opportunities to work with. You can use a single color but lots of different shades as this is the easiest way to work.

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If you are someone who doesn’t like the bold colors, then you can use the earth tone colors like brown, green or gold which blends well together and gives you that warm welcoming feeling. Colors such as violet, blue, green-blues and black makes the room go away from you and create a feeling of space.

On the other hand and you like the bold colors like yellow, orange or red, they can create a sense of warmth. These colors can make the room look smaller and warmer. Red is a very good and powerful color for the living room.


This plays a vital part in your living room. You need to choose flooring that is durable and hard wearing as this is the area that needs to be the most comfortable. You have to consider who will be living in the home and if there will be any pets and the amount of wear and tear it has to go through.

If you can get a sample piece to take home with you, this would be good so that you can match it up against your other stuff to make sure that it is the right color, texture, etc. for your decor.
You can choose between hardwoods or tiles but you need to be careful because some of the natural woods can be a bit too harsh.

You should remember that small children will make spills that may stain or maybe an accident from the pet(s). These can cause major problems because the urine can soak in the padding of the carpet.

These can stick to carpet and your guest will be able to pick it up even though you might have done some scrubbing. However, if you live alone, then you can add a large rug around the focal point where persons will be seated.

There are many different color and style rugs in which to choose. These would include wool, twist, shag pile, linen, cotton, nylon or tufted.