patio furniture

Sometimes when we think of home decor, we think about the interior only and tend to forget the patio. This area plays an important part to our home. When you have nice sunshine, you may want to do a little barbecuing for your family or maybe have a few friends over; or you may just want to hang out on the patio and just relax.

patio furnishings

Whatever you decide, you sure need some good patio furniture.

Types of Material

1. Wrought Iron: – This is one of the most popular materials that are used for patio furniture. This type of material is very sturdy and can last for many years. It comes with weatherproofing material but can get discolored and rusty thereby causing corrosion after some time.


Wherever you see the rust marks appearing, it is suggested to sand it off, wipe it with a clean cloth and finish it with a rust preventer product (Rustoleum) or a touch-up kit. If there is no rust, then you just need a mild detergent and water.

If your furniture has any complicated patterns, you would need a small brush to get in between the spaces to clean it up. During the winter season, you should store it under plastic to prevent the moisture and air that can destroy it.

2. Wood Furniture: – This type of material can be used also. Teak wood is one of the longest lasting materials that are used because of its uniqueness. This is hardwood that can last for years. You should use a dry brush to remove any debris or dust as they can cause scratches and disfigure the finish look.

Should any scratches occur, use a soft sandpaper.For cleaning, you need just a mild detergent and warm water and wipe with a sponge. Do not use too much as this can remove the polish from the furniture.

There is also wood wash, but it is advised that you follow the instructions of the manufacturer or use marine grade teak oil which can be bought from a marine store.

3. Plastic and PVC Furniture: – This is one of the easiest materials to that can be used for patio furniture. It can be easily maintained with dish washing liquid and water or baking powder and water and use a brush to remove any dust or debris.

You can let the solution stay on the furniture for a while and rinse with complete with a hose and put to dry in the air.

4. Aluminium Patio Furniture: – This type of material is an easy-go-lucky. This can be cleaned with soap liquid and water as well. You just need a clean cotton cloth dipped in the solution and rub the entire surface.

Just as you did for the rinse for the plastic, the same thing applies here too. When it is completely dry, some people us a little car wax to make it shiny and prevent any corrosion.

5. Wicker: – This type of material is easy going but it does not last for a long period of time but it is a popular choice for many homeowners. The reason for this is its appearance and weight.

So before you make a decision on your patio furniture, you should ask yourself a few questions as this will guide you in the right direction of purchase.

1. What style of furniture would I like to have?
2. How much money am I going to spend?
3. What type of patio do I have (Open/covered)?
4. How big is my family and the type of persons (Kids/adults only)?
5. Where do I live (Temperature)?
You can also think of other questions that you think will apply to you.

It is best to get quality furniture that is best for you and your family that is comfortable and fashionable at the same time. So don’t be too hasty to purchase your patio furniture.