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Different Types Of Window Treatments
When you think of window treatment, we always think about money. It is true that some can be very expensive and there are also some cheaper treatments. When choosing, you must bear in mind that they are an investment, so you can decide which is better for you.

window treatments

Whenever you are shopping, remember the design of your home as this too can post a challenge because it can affect the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.  Good news is that whether you are looking for fresh  treatments or looking to spruce up your existing setup, the design and style options are literally endless.

These treatments play a crucial role in the overall decorative aspect of a room and listed below are a few widely popular styles and options.

Curtains and Drapes

Curtains and drapes are the most common types of window coverings found in homes specifically bedrooms. They are generally crafted from cloth and can be had in a plethora of different colors, styles and patterns that provide several options including functionality and practicality.

In most cases, curtains are crafted from lighter fabric and arrive in packages with two panels. They are designed to suspend from a curtain rod with the help of rings and can be ordered in varying lengths and themes. Although curtains and drapes are similar in several ways, they do have their share of differences.

The key aspect that sets them apart is that drapes are pleated and offer a more formal feel. Furthermore, they also serve a wide range of practical purposes such as enhancing the decor of the room, increasing privacy and manipulating direct sunlight. Adding to this, they are made of heavy material, making them more expensive than curtains.

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Blinds and Sheers
Blinds are simple yet elegant window coverings and are great additions to bedrooms owing to the fact that they add a certain level of privacy and as well as block out excess sunlight. They are generally crafted from heavy-duty materials such as vinyl, wood or metal, and are fitted with louvers or slats, from where these hard materials are suspended.

These hard materials are adjustable with the help of strings, which allows you to control the amount of sunlight entering the room. They can be hung both horizontally or vertically and can be had in myriad styles to include mini, vertical and Venetian.

Sheers are a bit different in design and are generally used in combination with curtains. They do not offer the same level of privacy as curtains, blinds or drapes. Moreover, they make the rooms look larger by inviting sunlight, and are great for kid’s nurseries or bedrooms.

Shutters and Shades

Shutters are a rather old type of window covering and are typically a solid wood door, which is integrated within the frame or window casement and rests on hinges. These hinges reveal the window by opening the shutter.

Light can be filtered through shutters with the help of small blinds that can be operated with a lever. They are generally made of wood and several other finishes such as black, brown and white pigments.

Shades are another widely popular type of window covering as they offer a ton of decorative alternatives and also regulate sunlight. They are generally made from portions of fabric and are preferred over other types of window treatments as they are available in a wide range of materials and styles to include cellular, bamboo, balloon, motorized, pleated and roller among others.

There are many more window treatment options, but the ones listed above are the trendiest choices in the market today.