kitchen art

Kitchen wall art plays a vital role when thinking about home decor. In many homes, homeowners tend not to dress up their kitchen like the other rooms within the home. People believe that this is just for the preparation of meals, so this is not as important as the other rooms in the home.

kitchen wall art

When deciding on what decor you need for your kitchen, the first thing you should do is to decide what theme or colors you need. Do you want a country cottage style decor? A rustic Tuscan look? Or a sleek modern look? Depending on the theme, you’ll need different accessories.


Take a look through some kitchen decor magazines if you ca not decide what you want. The internet is another good source of inspiration. Just browse around, and get an idea of what you would like in your kitchen.

Once you have decided, then you can go to your local kitchen or home improvement store, to get what you need. The color choice should compliment the main color. In fact, it is this room that requires exquisite decor in order to inspire the cook and provide him or her with a feeling of comfort and inspiration.

Sometimes, you may not even need to buy anything. Sometimes, just re-arranging what you have can create a new look for your kitchen. Look for groupings of odd numbers, rather than even. Vary the height and texture of accessories. Move things around until you get the look that you want.


Wall art, decorative baskets, plates, and trays can really add to the appearance. Just be sure that you know how to properly hang art pieces on the wall. In general, wall art should be hung, so that the center of the piece is at eye level.

It should also be no more than seven to ten inches above the table. Try placing the art in groups on the wall. Placing pieces in a rectangle, triangle, or circle helps to add more interest. This can be achieved by decorating the kitchen walls with other styles and designs.

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The themes of these wall designs should reflect the tastes of the cook and his or her family. A lot of the art for the kitchen are usually about food and cuisine. You should try to find the ones that have fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices, pasta and bubbly wine art.

If you can find the ones with country style, these too are suitable for the kitchen. As its name states, these designs are all about rustic sceneries. You can have colorful prints of fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are also wall arts that show wheat and rice fields. A popular type of  art is the barnyard scenery with chickens, cows and pigs. Similar to the country style is the Tuscan kitchen wall designs.

This type of design depicts the Tuscan countryside of Northern Italy, including the beautiful vineyards and their plump grapes, as well as the rich wines. Popular colors that are used in the Tuscan style include olive green, orange, purple and deep red.

The three above mentioned types of designs help to evoke sensations of warmth and coziness inside the kitchen. It also adds charm and makes it a pleasant place to cook in. For those who want a more contemporary style, they can go for modern wall designs.

Examples of the modern style include photo, pop and abstract wall arts. One popular theme utilizes the colors black and white in mosaics or rainbow colors in collages. There are even futuristic designs that utilize metals like aluminum and stainless steel.

A very beautiful type of kitchen metal wall art is iron appliques in abstract designs which you simply paste to your walls in a variety of ways. Indeed, there are no limits as to how you would want to decorate the walls of your kitchen.

Let your kitchen reflect your personal sense of style with wall designs today!